Mental health issues are a stigma in any society and none more so than in traditional Chinese society. Mental health problems know no bounds and can affect people from all walks of life; social, economic and racial backgrounds are no barrier to common afflictions such as depression due to the stresses that modern day life can bring.

The highly publicised suicides of Hong Kong superstar Actor / Singer Leslie Cheung and highly successful Asian American Writer, Iris Chang, have brought mental health issues to the forefront of many Chinese people's thoughts. If you are currently suffering from any mental health issues, remember, you are not alone.




香港知名影星與歌手張國榮以及成功的美國華人作家 Iris Chang 的自殺事件,使得許多中國人開始意識到心理健康議題的重要性。如果你現在正遭受心理健康問題之苦,記住,你並不是孤單的一個人。