Carer's Support Project | 照顧者支援計劃

(Ended June 2011)

This project aimed to improve the quality of life of the Chinese family carers of people with mental health issues. Through a health promotion programme between February and June 2011, the project to strengthened the carers' understanding of their role and the services and support that are available to them.

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Chinese GamCare Project | 關注華人賭博援助計劃

(Ended August 2010)

The Chinese GamCare project was for those whose lives were ruined by gambling yet struggled to walk away. For those who spent more time and money on gambling than they could afford. For people who were negatively affected by the gambling of others.

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Community Development Project | 社區發展計劃

(Ended 2010)
The Community Development Workers' vision was that Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) communities in Barnet should have equal access to health and wellbeing services. We believed BMER communities deserve a service which is culturally appropriate to their needs and we endeavoured to help develop those services.

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Community Engagement Research Project | 巴納區華人社區合作研究計劃

(Ended April 2007)

This was the first Community Engagement Research Project for the Chinese community inLondon. For this unique research project we involved, in particular, Chinese carers and mental heath service users in Barnet.

The researchers worked with the Chinese carers and mental health service users in Barnet over a period of five months. The researcher encouraged the group to identify their interests and needs as well as their expectations as carers and users of mental health services. After this they set out goals, outcomes, priorities and an action plan.

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Employment Project | 就業支援計劃

(Ended September 2011)

Our innovative project working to help Chinese in UK to gain and retain employment, also to provide them with emotional support.
We provide service users free and professional help by:

Arrange and provide job counselling or advice, provide in-house employment related training program, help individuals to develop new skills for the workplace, i.e. time management, professionalism, communication etc, help individuals to overcome personal barriers to work, i.e. successful interview, confidence building, positive thinking etc.

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User Self-Advocacy Project | 服務使用者倡議計劃

(Ended July 2009)

A bilingual advocacy service for Chinese Mental Health sufferers residing in East London and the City Mental Health Trust.

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Wah Sum Helpline | 華心熱線

Help is only a phone call away...

(Ended April 2007)

In times of difficulty, the best way to overcome a problem is to share it with someone else, a kind and caring voice. The bravest thing for some people to do is to admit that they have a problem. This takes a great deal of courage and strength. We listened and guided our callers through the stormy seas of life. 

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Youth Volunteering Project | 青年義工計劃

(Ended April 2011)

The aim of this project was to provide inspiring opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 through volunteering work. The intention was to encourage young people to volunteer and to develop skills and knowledge through organising events and projects aiming at promoting mental well being. 

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