(Ended August 2010)


The Chinese GamCare project was for those whose lives were ruined by gambling yet struggled to walk away. For those who spent more time and money on gambling than they could afford. For people who were negatively affected by the gambling of others.

During the project we provided face to face, telephone and internet counselling. There was also an outreach support for anyone who was experiencing or effected by gambling problems. This was a confidential service provided in the clients own language (Cantonese, Mandarin or English).

What is Gambling

Actually there is no single, clear cut definition of what gambling is, but it is widely agreed that:

  • Two or more people agree to take part in the activity (usually an operator and the person who wishes to gamble);
  • Normally the 'stake' is paid by the loser to the winner;
  • The outcome is uncertain;
  • The result is determined (partly) by chance;
  • Participation is an active experience but can be avoided by not taking part.

Gambling Information

Lotteries, scratch cards, fruit machines, casinos, horse-racing, bingo, football pools... You name it, the list is endless. The point is, there are many, many ways in which we can gamble today. With technology changing as quickly as it is, we can take part in each of these activities from the comfort of our own homes, through the Internet or interactive television, or just by picking up the phone.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? It can be, but for those people who lose control the effects can be devastating.

Project Objectives:

The main aims of our gambling counselling were:

  • To help stop or reduce the frequency of problem gambling
  • To help develop ways of coping with problem gambling behaviour
  • To help understand some of the underlying reasons why gambling has become a problem
  • To help address related issues that are causing harm or damage
  • To help people to develop a productive and healthy life without problem gambling.

On an individual level the project included face-to-face counselling, Tele-counselling and emotional support. Where applicable, we also signposted service users to receive advice or support from relevant organisations, depending on their unique circumstances.

On a community level, a range of activities were planned to deliver community health-promotion campaigns, awareness workshops and seminars, recreational and educational events and development of information resources in Chinese to promote and advocate a healthy attitude towards gambling.

This project was organised in partnership with GamCare and funded by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust (RIGT).

English Text







  • 兩個人或以上參與其中 (通常分莊家及閒家);
  • 基本上賭注是由輸家提供給赢家;
  • 結局不明朗及出人意表;
  • 最終結果或當中總有彩數成份;
  • 交投幟烈但可袖手旁觀、置身事外






  • 幫助你 停止或減低問題賭博的頻率;
  • 幫助你 發掘有效方法去面對賭博行為;
  • 幫助你 明白賭博成為問題的潛藏原因;
  • 幫助你 正視有關問題所引致的傷害及破壞力;
  • 幫助你 走出賭博的陰霾並過健康及有用的人生。



計劃合作夥伴是關注賭博國民協會 (GamCare) ,同時此計劃由責無旁貸賭博基金 (Responsibility in Gambling Trust RIGT) 資助。