(Ended April 2007)

This was the first Community Engagement Research Project for the Chinese community inLondon. For this unique research project we involved, in particular, Chinese carers and mental heath service users in Barnet.

The researchers worked with the Chinese carers and mental health service users in Barnet over a period of five months. The researcher encouraged the group to identify their interests and needs as well as their expectations as carers and users of mental health services. After this they set out goals, outcomes, priorities and an action plan.


What was the Community Engagement Research Project for?

The aim of this research project was to explore the carers and service users' needs in relation to mental health and to share their experiences in the service system. The method of group participation was used to empower the Chinese carers and mental health service users in Barnet. With the research collected we were able to carry out a needs assessment and made recommendations to the health authority to improve the equality of access, equality of outcomes and equality of experience and mental health services.


This project was funded by the NIMHE (The National Institute for Mental Health in England)






社區合作研究計劃 的目標是什麽?

社區合作研究計劃的目標是了解看照料者以及心理健康服務的使用者們在心理健康課題上的需要,并分享他們使用社區服務的心得與經驗。 我們舉辦小組活動以改善巴納區華人照料者和服務使用者的能力。我們根據研究評估收集到的數據, 向政府部門或心理健康服務機構提出有利意見,從而改善服務素質。

這個計劃由 NIMHE(國家心理健康協會英格蘭分部)資助。