– This is often the misconception and lack of understanding of mental illness. What mental health sufferers need is greater understanding and awareness of their condition and the necessary support and care, not living their lives in fear and exclusion. In the vast majority of mental illness sufferers, they do not exhibit any violent tendencies. What is prevalent among them is the sense of inferiority, a lack of confidence, loneliness, frustration and helplessness.

The subject of mental illness remains taboo in the Chinese community, to the extent that it is not discussed as it is perceived to not exist. Most people do not realise the importance of understanding mental illness and how to provide mental health care.
So, how do mental illness problems initiate? Do you know how many types of mental illnesses there are? Can mental illness be summarised so simply with the word “crazy”? Once an individual has suffered from mental illness, is their future now over?

CMHA is running an employment project to help previous mental health sufferers to find employment back into the workplace. – What are mental health issues? Overwhelming pressure in life, extreme fear or anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem caused by past traumatic experiences, depression; all the above can be categorised as psychological and mental distress. If you are a London resident and feel that you personally are troubled by psychological or mental distress, or you are a mental illness patient, if you are job-seeking, please contact the project leader for the CMHA employment project, Ms Wong.

The CMHA Mental Health employment program aims to reintegrate people into society. We also work to improve people’s recognition and understanding of mental health, in particular, with the employment program seminar on February 4th held at the CMHA office. Are you interested in learning more about Mental Health, dispel the misconception and increase your knowledge? Would you like to know how CMHA can help your mental health and prepare you for the job market? Please contact Ms Wong and register to join this free seminar!


Chinese Mental Health Employment Seminar and Training Scheme

Date: Friday February 4th 2011
Time: 4.30pm – 6pm
Addres: CMHA
155 Curtain Road,
(The closest tube station is at Old Street on the Northern Line)
Tele: 020 7613 1008 (Ask for Khim)


Authors: khim, Yang&HeiTung翻譯/translates

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日期:2011年2 月4日(星期五)
155 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3QY. (最靠近地鐵鐵站為Northern Line黑線之Old Street)
電話:020 7613 1008 (王小姐/Khim)