Confidence Building Workshop

Are you able to stay calm in pressured situations? Do you often appreciate your strengths instead of focusing in your weaknesses? Are you comfortable with expressing your opinions? Would you risk to go against the majority when you believe what you do is right? Are you confident, or do you often consider yourself as inadequate or worthless and struggling to transform yourself?

Being confident is the key to success, the secret held within those who constantly accept new challenges, and the ability to overcome any unsuccessful situations. Realizing your self confidence is the first step into surpassing yourself leading to success.

CMHA Employment Project Coordinator Khim will deliver Confidence Building workshop for the project service users, let's come and work together to have our confidence built!

Confidence Building workshop
Date: 5th Oct 2010 (Tuesday)
Venue: CMHA offices, 155 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3QY

Authors: khim, Yang&HeiTung翻譯/translates

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155 Curtain Road, EC2A 3QY London.
(最靠近地鐵站為Old Street, 搭Northern Line黑線。)
電話:020 7613 1008 (找王玉琴小姐)