Help is only a phone call away...

(Ended April 2007)

In times of difficulty, the best way to overcome a problem is to share it with someone else, a kind and caring voice. The bravest thing for some people to do is to admit that they have a problem. This takes a great deal of courage and strength. We listened and guided our callers through the stormy seas of life. 

For our small team of specially trained and patient counsellors, no problem was too large. They offered both support and information even at times when callers felt that they had no one else to turn too.

The Wah Sum helpline was the first mental health helpline dedicated to serving the Chinese community throughout the UK; a confidential helpline run by experienced tri-lingual (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) workers and volunteers. Through this helpline, we offered emotional support, vital information and advice to callers.

CMHA were a member of the Telephone Helpline Association and the Mental Health Helpline Partnership Forum.
This project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund.




只要一通電話就能得到幫助...    透過「華心熱線」,親切與關懷你的聲音就近在眼前。    遭遇困難時,最好的解決之道就是向他人傾訴你的煩惱。     對有些人來說,承認自己有問題是最為勇敢之事。     這需要極大的勇氣和力量。     打電話給我們,我們將會聆聽你的煩惱,並引導你度過人生的風暴。     對於我們這些受過特別訓練與有耐心的工作員而言,沒有問題是太大而不能解決的。即使你覺得全世界的人都離棄你而去,你沒有可以求助的對象,我們仍會在這裡,提供你需要的支持與訊息。 

「華心熱線」是英國首創,致力為服務全體華人所設的心理健康專線。     這支專線是由具備有三語專長(粵語、普通話、英語)的工作員和義工負責,來談的內容與相關細節是會被保密的。     我們透過這個專線提供來電者情緒方面的支持,以及其他有用的資訊與建議。     如果你想加入這個團隊,願意透過電話或者電子信箱,關心因為語言、文化或距離上的隔閡而被疏離的華人,請與我們聯絡。

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