(Ended April 2011)

The aim of this project was to provide inspiring opportunities for young people aged 16 to 25 through volunteering work. The intention was to encourage young people to volunteer and to develop skills and knowledge through organising events and projects aiming at promoting mental well being. 


This project was run by CMHA and it was one of the 158 Vinvolved funded projects across the whole of England. We offered at least 200 volunteering opportunities to young Chinese people throughout the 3 year course of the project.

What benefits did our volunteers get? 

- Personal Development 
- Realise their full potential 
- Enhancing their CV and future career prospect 
- Develop new skills 
- Have fun 
- Accreditation and recognition ( V50 Awards, National Youth Volunteer Certificate, references) 
- Do something worthwhile 
- Enrich their life experience 
- And many more…

What were the volunteering opportunities available? 

Marketing/PR – Assist in planning and implementing marketing plan for the youth project and other health promotion events 
Graphic Design – Assist in designing marketing materials (print and online) for the youth project and health promotion events 
Website design – Assist in setting up and maintaining the website for the project 
Event management - Assist in organising health promotion events 
Community project assistant – Assist in organising community projects, welcoming students with psychology/social work/creative arts background to join us.
Media - Assist in using different form of media (internet, radio, video, photography etc) in promoting mental wellbeing to young people & the wider community 

Administration – Delivering administrative support to the project 
(and more - this is not an exhaustive list)

Throughout the 3 years of the project (April 2008 – March 2011) we offered volunteers both short and long term opportunities. This allowed them the flexibility to work around their schedules, whether it be for 4 weeks or over the course of the project, and allowed the volunteers to make a valuable contribution and commitment to be part of the team.

Promoting Mental Well-Being

Since the project aimed at promoting the mental well-being among the Chinese communities inLondon, the volunteer team built up their skills, knowledge and capacity collectively in addressing the mental health needs in the communities by running various activities. The youth volunteers also worked closely with the communities through outreach events, in order to find out what people actually need and think.

This project was funded by vinform, part of V’s National Youth Volunteering Programme.

English Text 


本計劃為 16 至 25 歲青少年提供義工機會。透過組織不同的活動去提升華人社區對心理健康的意識,讓青少年有機會增進知識及提升工作技巧,

青年義工計劃是由 vinvolved project 撥款資助,在計劃推行的 3 年間,華心會為年輕的在英華人提供了最少 200 個義工機會,


  • 個人成長及發展
  • 發掘個人潛能
  • 豐富個人簡歷,幫助將來事業發展
  • 提升工作技巧
  • 開心
  • 獲頒發青年義工證書或V50證書
  • 豐富人生經驗


  • 市場推廣/公關 – 協助制定及推行提高心理健康意識的市場計劃
  • 平面設計 – 設計市場和公關所需要的資料
  • 網頁設計 – 設計及維護計劃的網頁
  • 項目經理 – 協助宣常健康意識
  • 社區項目助理 - 組織及籌辦社區活動
  • 媒體助理 – 協助利用不同媒體 ( 網絡、電台、錄影、相片等) 去提升社區及青少年們的整體健康意識
  • 行政助理 – 行政工作
在推行計劃的 3 年期間 (2008 年 8 月  – 2011 年 3月) 華心會提供了短期 (約 4 星期) 及長期 (協助完成整個項目),在義工可以與團隊合作及作出貢獻的前提下,讓他們可以按照日程彈性地按排參與義工的時間。



青年義工計劃是由vinvolved project 撥款資助,vinvovled project乃是由政府撥款資助、負責策劃和監管全國青年義工計劃的組織。