The counseling and support services offered by CMHA are able to take into account these culturally influential problems, in a way that mainstream mental health charities never could.

by Genevieve Roberts


The Chinese Mental Health Association (CMHA) is actively involved in providing direct services, increasing mental health awareness, representing the wide spectrum of Chinese mental health issues in public forums and raising its profile in the overall Chinese community. We also hope that we can:

  • Safeguard and maintain the mental well-being of Chinese people in the UK
  • Lobby for better mental health services for Chinese people in the UK
  • Alleviate the stigmas and prejudices associated with mental health issues amongst the Chinese community in the United Kingdom
  • Improve the quality of life amongst Chinese users and their carers
  • Help users' access services that are already provided through statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Raise further awareness on Chinese mental health issues amongst mainstream service providers
  • Most importantly, to be the patient and caring voice for people suffering in life

To fullfill our Aim and Objectives, we divided our service into 3 main categories, which include:

  • Direct Service
  • Complementary
  • Associated Services

To find out more information, please see Our Services section.

English Text 



  • 保護和維持在英國的華人朋友們的精神健康
  • 成為在英國的華人朋友們更好的精神健康服務的平台
  • 緩解由於華人群體在英國社會所感受到的偏見和歧視而產生的精神問題
  • 提高華人朋友和他們的看護們的生活質量
  • 幫助大家更好地使用已有的政府或慈善的機構
  • 提高當地主要的服務提供機構對華人精神健康問題的意识
  • 更重要的是,以足夠的耐心與愛心協助正處於精神困境的人們


  • 直接的服務
  • 補足性的支援服務
  • 與其他機構相互配合的服務