Volunteer Application Form

For further information about volunteering in CMHA or a volunteer application form, please contact us on 0207 613 1008 or email info@cmha.org.uk.

Why Should I Volunteer for CMHA? 為什麼要來華心會做義工

The Chinese community is small and dispersed across the United Kingdom, so CMHA are always looking for extra help in a whole variety of areas. Volunteering is not only fulfilling, it can be fun and rewarding.

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What Does Volunteering Involve? 義工工作包括那些方面

 We are currently recruiting volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. The positions that volunteers were involved in include:

  • Marketing/PR – Assist in planning and implementing marketing plan for the youth project and other health promotion events

  • Graphic Design – Assist in designing marketing materials (print and online) for the youth project and other coming up health promotion events

  • Website Design – Assist in setting up and maintaining the website for various projects

  • Event Management - Assist in organising health promotion events

  • Copy Writer – Preparing marketing and PR material for the project and other health promotion events

  • Community Project Assistant – Assist in organising community projects, we also welcome students with psychology/social work/ creative arts background to join us

  • Administration – Delivering administrative support to the various projects

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Volunteer Activities At CMHA: A User’s Testimony 記一次華心會義工活動

by Alex

I am very happy that CMHA arranged an activity like gardening for us.

I remember about a month ago, I went along with other user friends on a gardening trip organized by CMHA. We were all very happy to take part in this visit; you could see it from the look on our faces.

It was not simply a visit, there was a tutor helping us to understand most of the flowers and leaves that we were viewing. I was very glad that volunteers such as Kylie, Ken, Helen and the CMHA staff were there as well. I am very happy that CMHA arranged an activity like gardening for us.

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