We are currently recruiting volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. The positions that volunteers were involved in include:

  • Marketing/PR – Assist in planning and implementing marketing plan for the youth project and other health promotion events

  • Graphic Design – Assist in designing marketing materials (print and online) for the youth project and other coming up health promotion events

  • Website Design – Assist in setting up and maintaining the website for various projects

  • Event Management - Assist in organising health promotion events

  • Copy Writer – Preparing marketing and PR material for the project and other health promotion events

  • Community Project Assistant – Assist in organising community projects, we also welcome students with psychology/social work/ creative arts background to join us

  • Administration – Delivering administrative support to the various projects

Befriending Opportunities

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and none more so at CMHA! Friendliness and kindness are not job descriptions, they are a career. One of the easiest ways to volunteer and help at CMHA is to befriend someone. Befriending aims to ease the sense of loneliness and isolation felt by those suffering from mental health problems.
For Chinese mental health sufferers, language difficulties and ingrained cultural differences leave many isolated. Befriending and simply supporting someone is a positive way for Chinese mental health users to re-enter society through friendship and a helping hand.

What will your role in Befriending be?

You will:

  • Meet the befriending client regularly at their home or somewhere else mutually agreed.
  • Plan and accompany the befriending client to local social resources, e.g. Chinese community centres.
  • Support and advise the befriending client emotionally through their particularly stressful times.

Volunteers Befrienders do NOT:

  • Carry out actual physical care.
  • Carry out domestic or handy tasks for their clients, e.g. cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Give out any specialised advice, e.g. user's benefits or offer counselling.



Counselling Trainee Placement Programme

Are you kind hearted, patient and willing to help others less fortunate than yourself? CMHA is always looking for trainee counsellors who are interested in developing their counselling skills. CMHA currently provide free placements and opportunities for suitably qualified trainees (basic requirement: Diploma level counselling training). Here, you will be given intensive professional training from experienced counsellors; you will also be given the opportunity to deal with real life scenarios and situations.

To help change someone's life for the better, please call 0207 613 1008.




  • 市場/公關――幫助我們計劃做宣傳,推廣計劃和其他健康有關的宣傳活動
  • 平面設計――設計平面和網絡資料
  • 網頁設計――建設和維持我們的網頁
  • 活動管理――組織活動
  • 策划文案――準備市場和公關所需要的資料
  • 社區項目助理――組織社區項目計劃。同時我們歡迎有心理學、社工學和創意藝術背景的學生們加入我們團隊
  • 行政――提供行政工作方面的幫助






  • 定期與他(她)在家中或者雙方同意的地方會面。
  • 規劃并陪伴他(她)善用地方社會資源,例如,華人社區中心。



  • 提供身體上的照料
  • 為他們打理家務,例如:清掃、整理花園等。






為了自己和他人更好的生活,請撥打0207 613 1008進行心理輔導,