britishFlagBritish 10K London Run 2012 - Raised £1343.52

On Sunday, 8th July 2012, six runners (Janice Liang, , Jeffy Ho, Bin Zhang, Esther Cheung, Xi Chen and Ho Yin Lai) representing the Chinese Mental Health Association participated in the British 10K run in London. They ran in order to raise the profile of mental health problems in the Chinese communities of theUK, and also to raise funds for CMHA so that we can continue to provide services to needy individuals within the community. Through regular training and the support of friends, every runner managed to complete the run. Even though Bin Zhang twisted his ankle, he still participated on the day.

CMHA would like to formally express our gratitude to all the runners, all the kind hearted donors, and also our sponsor Bates Office for providing the running vests to all our runners. Thank you all!


英國10公里馬拉松2012 - £1343.52

在星期天二〇一二年七月八日,六位代表華心會的跑者(Janice Liang, , Jeffy Ho, Bin Zhang, Esther Cheung, Xi Chen 和 Ho Yin Lai)參與了在倫敦舉辦的 British 10K 十公裡長跑,目的是為了提高大眾對於在英華人和華裔社區裡的心理問題的關照,也是為華心會籌款,讓它可以繼續對社區裡有需要的人士提供援助和服務。經過經常的訓練和朋友們的支持,每一位跑者都成功地完成長跑線路。Bin Zhang雖然在培訓期間扭傷了腳踝,但也在比賽的當天臨場。

華心會在此正式感謝各位跑者,各位向我們捐款的熱心人士,還特別感謝我們今此比賽的贊助商Bates Office。