britishFlagSunday 10th July  2011- British 10K London Run - Raised £1952.25 


Everyone got ready around 6am after a sleepless night. We gathered in the baggage area not knowing where to go, what to do, not even what to eat! It didn’t help to see other runners with sponsored gear and looking professional. Months ago we informed the runners to make sure they have the right labels and tags on - the girls of course get them all mixed up XD. But it helps to relieve some of the tension and excitement as we join the queue for the start. A horde of people were in front of us, but it’s not till we look back and see how far the runners stretched out to. Thousands upon thousands! It was such an exhilarating experience, a woman in a hotel above decided to pose naked! That definitely got the blood pumping!

The air was chilly but the rousing national anthem played and the countdown began for the professional runners. The next thing we see was a group of ‘Usain Bolts’ speeding past us, butterflies start appearing within us as the queue begins to shuffle along closer and closer to the start line. We give the last words of encouragement to each other and before we know it the run starts!

We're greeted with cheers throughout the course with over 50,000 spectators spurring everyone on. The sun begun to shine, hot and humid; breathing became heavier and harder, legs started to ache and calf muscles were giving way. There were so many runners that we spent more time dodging and overtaking runners in front of us than running properly. We soldiered on through the pain, 8k and over Westminster Bridge with an uphill struggle. On the verge of just giving up, we thought about all the people that have been supporting us through the training, on the day and who have sponsored us. We knew we had to push past the pain and the struggle, aim for the finish line!

Finally passing the 9k marker, they announced that the finish line is close! A flow of energy entered our body giving us that extra push, the Union Jack flags marking the finishing straight, masses of spectators cheering everyone on for the final stretch. It was time to give it all, overtaking about 50-60 people with a final sprint and passing the finish line! Relieved, it was finally over… we did it! It felt amazing to know that we managed to complete the race and raised so much for CMHA. We enjoyed the event so much that we all had thoughts to do the same next year and hopefully improve on our time. We would like to express our thanks to everyone involved, we wouldn't have been able to do it without all the support that you gave us. We have managed to raise a total of £1952.25, exceeding our target and expectations.

Runners:Time:Placing:Who am I?
Li Ling Song 00:57:08 2595 "Polly the Parrot"
Jennifer Sin 01:01:31 3739 "I am Mei"
Hon Bann Lau 01:01:57 3860 "Converse!!!!"
Ben Cheung 01:02:41 4017 "CHINA!!!"
Meichang Sin 01:03:14 4143 "I am Jen"
Trung Truong 01:08:09 5069 "Broken Leg"

I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH once again and here are the embarrassing photos that everyone has been waiting for.


英國 10公里馬拉松 2011