The counselling service at CMHA is for the Chinese community in the U.K. The aim of counselling is to allow you to off-load your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

How we can help | 心理輔導服務簡介

Our counselling service is a not-for-profit, low-cost counselling service designed for the Chinese communities. We provide English, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking counsellors for our service users.

We offer one-to-one, couples and family counselling to help with issues surrounding the following themes:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Ethnic and cultural issues
  • Adaptation issues
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Bereavement

What to expect:


All clients are invited to come for an initial assessment to explore if counselling is the right choice for them. You will have the opportunity to talk about your current concerns and circumstances and typically takes up to 90 minutes. Upon agreement of fees and timing, you will be allocated a counsellor. We aim to start your first session within 3 to 4 weeks of your assessment.

Our counsellors:

We have both qualified and trainee counsellors or psychologists working in a wide range of modality: Integrative, Person-Centred, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy.

  • The service starts with a referral to us either externally or by the individual. The client is then invited for an initial assessment. In order for us to provide a service, the client must consent to external referral.
  • The assessment is conducted at the convenience of the client at our office and is free of charge.
  • If the client chooses to proceed with counselling, sessions will then be booked depending on the counsellor’s and client’s availability.
  • Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes, typically once a week and are subject to a charge.

As a charity organisation, we aim to provide counselling to all those in need. As such, we offer counselling service that is heavily subsidised.

Your counselling could be one of the following depending on your income and circumstances:

Low cost counseling: £30-£50 sliding scale dependent on income - Conducted by a Fully Qualified professional counsellor, there is typically a short waiting list for this service

Subsidised: £15 per session - Conducted by a Part Qualified trainee counsellor, it is subject to waiting list

Complimentary: Free - Only available under extenuating circumstances* - Limited availability

  • Sessions take place as face to face counselling at the CMHA office. They are at a fixed time as agreed by both parties. (We are looking to offer phone counselling or via a Skype conversation over the internet. This will only be at the specific request of the client and subject to availability of a counsellor)


You have full control on what you choose to disclose. You are free to talk safely and free from discrimination, rejection or judgement. All issues discussed in the counselling will not be disclosed without the client's consent, except in exceptional cases that may include:

  • Legal requirement (e.g. Anti-terrorism Act);
  • Client or someone else is actively suicidal and/or is at risk of serious harm to self or others;
  • A child is at risk of abuse.

In which case, the client will be informed in advance that confidentiality will not be adhered to, and an explanation will be given.

* The free service we offer may be subjected to a means testing whereby due to extenuating circumstances the client may be unable to pay and is typically subject to a longer waiting list. This may be due to financial hardship, unemployment or retirement but will ultimately be a management decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

English Text






  • 壓力
  • 抑鬱症状
  • 民族和文化問題
  • 適應問題
  • 人际關係
  • 焦慮和恐慌症状
  • 喪親/哀傷與失落




  • 此服務途徑為外部或個人轉介,轉介後當事人將被邀請進行初步評估。於輔導服務開展前,當事人必須認同對外推介的可能性。
  • 初步評估免費用, 并 会在當事人与輔導員相互配合的時間於我们辦公室進行。
  • 如果當事人決定進行輔導,輔導时间將被預訂于輔導員和當事人相互配合的时间。
  • 輔導時間一般為50分鐘左右,每週一次, 并有可能收費。

輔導程序將於華心會辦公室進行,日期及時間於雙方(輔導員及當事人)協議及決定後依約進行。 (當事人要求並得以與輔導員配合情況下,我们也提供電話輔導或Skype視頻輔導。




我們擁有合格及實習輔導員/心理學家,採用廣泛和各類模式为您服务,例綜合式輔導、當事人中心輔導、認知行為療法(CBT),或 家庭治療等。




低成本輔導:£30 - £50之間,視個人收入而定 – 由合格專業輔導員進行,此服務一般輪候時間較為短暫。

資助:每節15英鎊 - 由部分合格的學員輔導員進行,受輔時間之約定視輪候名單多寡而定。

免費:  只情況允許下酌量分配* - 限制性。






  • 法律要求(例如反恐怖主義法令)
  • 當事人或他人怀有嚴重自殺傾向和/或嚴重傷害自己或他人的風險
  • 孩童受虐的風險