Trace the Memory of London Chinatown

Supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Chinese Mental Health Association (CMHA) is now conducting an oral history research project which aims to trace the memories of London Chinatown.  You are invited to participate or volunteer in this fascinating project.

As London Chinatown was officially recognised as an important area in the capital city, this project will represent the contribution of the first generation Chinese migrants as a whole community to the history of London.

Leon Lee, chief executive of CMHA remarks: "This is the best time to capture the stories of the original pioneers in Chinatown, just before we lose them. We hope that their contribution will be recognised; and the whole community will celebrate the success with them." 

Rebecca Tang, the development manager of the oral history project said: 'We aim to capture the memories and life stories of the people who have built, formed and defined the living image and character of Chinatown.  We would like as many people as possible to participate in this project as the heritage of Chinatown belongs to everyone in the community.”

Aiming to promote learning and participation of the history of London Chinatown, the 2-year project will develop a range of multimedia resources. We require participation and support from all parties, groups, communities and individuals. 

We are planning to interview 100 Chinese elders who were an integral part of the early development of Chinatown. If you are one of them, we sincerely welcome you to take part in the interview.  We would like to hear your story.

We are also in need of an energetic team of enthusiastic volunteers to help in the following work:

  • Research and information development
  • Conduct oral history interviews (training provided)
  • Graphic design for publicity materials
  • Filming (training provided)
  • Post-production of a documentary
  • Digital archive and catalogue development (training provided)
  • Development of a bilingual website and a virtual museum
  • Translation, transcription, and proofreading
  • Coordination in exhibitions and community events
  • Coordination in guided-tour for young children
  • Promote the publicity of the project through social networks & e-marketing

If you are interested in sharing your story or any of the above volunteering opportunities, please contact Rebecca on 020 7613 1008 or email:

Our virtual museum is now ready! please check it out at:

倫敦唐人街 口述歷史項目 

華心會 承蒙六合彩文化基金 (Heritage Lottery Fund)贊助, 現正進行一項記錄倫敦唐人街的口述歷史研究項目。

在英國,倫敦唐人街被視為一個重要的地區,而第一,二代華人移民在唐人街付出的努力, 實在是功不可沒。這個項目希望透過他們的工作,創業和奮鬥的寶貴故事表揚他們的貢獻。

華心會行政總裁李駿良先生表示:"我們需要把握時機記錄唐人街的發展史。我們要肯定開拓者的貢獻,並和整個社群一同慶賀他們的成功。"   項目發展經理鄧麗盈說: "這項口述歷史研究,不單是華心會的工作, 也是屬於整個華人社區的工作, 因為它代表著華人文化在英國的影響力和貢獻。"

這個為期兩年的項目, 將會製作一系列的多媒體資源。我們需要各界人士齊來參與這個項目的義務。

我們的目標是訪問 100位長者,如果您是其中一位在五,六十年代已在 唐人街生活和工作的人士, 誠意邀請您來接受訪問。我們很想聽你的故事。



  • 搜集研究資料
  • 進行口述歷史訪問(備有免費培訓)
  • 編輯訪問內容的電腦目錄和檔案(備有免費培訓)
  • 拍攝(備有免費培訓)
  • 製作平面設計宣傳刊物
  • 紀錄片的後期製作
  • 設計一個中英文網站和網上博物館
  • 翻譯,轉錄和校對
  • 安排展覽及社區活動
  • 安排為兒童而設的遊覽唐人街活動
  • 透過社交網絡作項目推廣


如果您有興趣分享您的故事, 或任何上述的義務工作,請聯繫Rebecca或電郵